Cable-protection tubes made from HD-PE are designed for buried electrical cable networks as well as telecommunication or fiber optic networks in residential or industrial areas, providing mechanical, electrical and anticorrosive protection.


Cable-protection tubes for electrical or telecommunication cables can be:

  1. Corrugated tubes made from smooth - HD-PE on the inside and corrugated on the outside, with diameters between 63mm and 160mm
  2. Mono-tubes from smooth - HD-PE- or grooved on the inside and smooth on the outside
  3. Mono-tubes from HD-PE, lubricated on the inside
  4. Mono-tubes from HD-PE, NON-INFLAMMABLE


Corrugated PE-HD tubes, with double walls, corrugated on the outside and smooth on the inside

Manufacturing rule: EN50089-2-4
Color: Exterior-Black, blue, red or according to requirements
Interior: Black or blue
Impact resistance: 6-12-15 J
Compression resistance: 5% 450N (light); 750N (medium); 1250N (heavy).
Juncture: double connection coupling and gasket for each bar or coil.


The HD-PE Monotub protection tubes are designed for buried laying of electrical wiring networks as well as telecommunication or fiber optic networks in residential or industrial areas and provide mechanical, electrical and anti-corrosion protection.

HD-PE monotubes are produced in accordance with existing international standards: • EN 12201 • ISO 4427 • DIN 8074/8075 • EN 61386-24

HD-PE monotubes can be:

1. Monotube HD-PE lithium for indoor and outdoor use especially for the protection of telecommunication and fiber optic cables. This type of pipe is produced with the diameters in the following table.

2. The HD-PE monotube grooved on the inside and outside is made in the following diameters and configurations.

MONO-TUBES HD-PE Lubricated – are extruded from HDPE material and co-extruded with a special silicone based lubricant that is evenly distributed along the entire inner surface. This lubricant provides high safety in cable pulling by greatly reducing the friction between the cable and the inner surface of the protective tube, thus avoiding the possibility of overloading or rupturing of the drawn wire.

MONO-TUBES FROM HD-PE NON FLAMMABLE double-walled walls have a white outer layer and a smooth white interior layer containing various special compounds. Pipes have non-flammable propagation performance in accordance with EN 61386-24 and EN 61386-1.

Each wheel is equipped with a coupling plug. Standard, white and white interior color.

The pipe contains a neutral blend of high density polyethylene and a series of chimes and special additives that prevent the spread of flames. High density polyethylene material is stabilized with UV for at least 1 year of outdoor resistance.

Rezistența la impact este în conformitate cu EN 61386-24 / CEI 23-46> 600 N cu deformare a diametrului interior de până la 5%.

Impact Resistance: Normal

It can be used in the temperature range of -10 / + 60 ° C.

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