Iron cast lids sold by EURO EM are the proper solution for protecting the sewerage and drainage networks, water meters chambers and cable draw. Main purpose of the lids is to seal the inspection chambers (with a diameter >600mm) or inspection chambers (with a diameter ≤600mm).

EEM type grates are lids with slits, allowing drainage of rainwaters in the sewers.

EEM type iron cast lids comply with the European standard 124:1996 “Gully tops and manhole tops for inspection chambers and drainage sewers in areas subjected to pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic. Principles of design, test methods, marking and quality inspection.”

Lid types according to SR EN 124

  • class A15- lids with minimum load of 1,5 t
  • Class B125 lids with minimum load of 12,5 t
  • Class C250 lids with minimum load of 25 t
  • Class D400 lids with minimum load of 40 t

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