Corrugated pipes for drainage

Euro EM Piatra Neamt company produces corrugated pipes for drainage, with double walls, made from high-density polyethylene or polypropylene.

Corrugated pipes for drainage system and EEM HDPE and EEM PPHM type fittings are designed for underground/surface water collection
Type EEM HDPE or EEM PPHM corrugated pipes for drainage are extremely resistant to cracks and mechanical shocks. Recent researches on HDPE or EEM PPHM pipelines confirms a minimum life time of 100 years.

These are the main reasons for which corrugated pipe systems are used for:
• Highway and railway construction
• Water drainage

Corrugated pipes for drainage type EEM HDPE and EEM PPHM and fittings are made of high-density polyethylene or polypropylene.

• Exterior: Black
• Interior: Blue/Green/White

Standard useful length of a corrugated pipe for drainage systems type EEM HDPE and EEM PPHM is 6 m.

Corrugated double walls pipes type EEM HDPE and type EEM PPHM used for drainage procedures are manufactured by automatic machining of corrugated double-walled pipes. All general characteristics of corrugated pipes are transmitted to the drainage pipes, with the particularity that these pipes are provided with slits on the transversal sections, between profiles, as shown in the figures below.

According to the requirements, a maximum of 6 interleaved cross-section slits interposed between annular profiles can be used. The angle between the middle of two successive slits is multiple of 60°, slit width is 3-4 mm and the length ranges between 30 mm and 100 mm according to the required capture surface.

Euro EM Piatra Neamt company produces corrugated pipes for drainage made from HDPE, with diameters between OD 110 mm and OD 1000 mm.
Rigidity classes: SN 4 and SN 8.

Euro EM Piatra Neamt Company produces polypropylene drainage pipes with diameters between • ID-100mm-ID 1200mm with rigidity class:
• SN 4
• SN 8 (flexion 1700 MPa)
• SN 16 (2000 MPa flexion

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