High density polyethylene corrugated pipes

Euro EM Piatra Neamt company produces double layer high-density polyethylene corrugated pipes (HDPE/PE/PEID).

The pipes and fittings type EEM HDPE are designed for underground gravitational sewerage and draining systems. High thermal and chemical resistance makes them compatible even for industrial sewerage systems construction. Type EEM HDPE corrugated pipes are highly resistant to cracks and mechanical shocks.
Recent researches on HDPE (PEID) pipes confirms a minimum life time of 100 de ani. This is the main reason for which EEM PEID type pipe systems are used for:
• Sewerage systems – for wastewaters
• Highway construction
• Surface water draining
• Sewerage systems for industrial wastewaters
• Collection systems for rainwaters (basins)


EEM PEID type pipes and fittings are made of high-density polyethylene (PE/PEID/HDPE)

• Exterior: Black
• Interior: Blue/Green/White

The useful standard length of the corrugated EEM HDPE type pipe is 6 m.

Corrugated EEM HDPE type pipes are highly resistant due to state-of-the-art technology, modern design of the profile and the best raw materials. This allows the production of corrugated pipes with an annular rigidity between 4-8. The ring rigidity is calculated according to EN 9969 standard.

Euro EM Piatra Neamt company manufactures HDPE corrugated pipes with diameters between produce OD 110mm and OD 1000mm
Rigidity classes: SN 4 and SN 8

• The high annular rigidity class, between SN4 and SN8
• Low weight, which allows easy and fast pipe fastening.
• High chemical resistance
• Highest abrasion resistance
• Low roughness coefficient.

Sewage systems are subject to the stress of the ground load or, for example, to the stress caused by the sliding motion of the soil. EEM HDPE corrugated pipes are elastic and retain their shape. If this deformation occurs for a longer period of time, the pipe tension decreases until it virtually no longer exists.

The joint of the piping corugate EEM TYPE HDPE is very good sealing, provides 100% even while moving the ground. The corugate pipes are flexible and adapts to the ground unevenly or the movement of the soil and the system of pipes remains intact -( remains sealed and closely as it appears in photo No. 1)
The rigid pipes from other materials, show high resistance. At the socket the maximum range of fracture is high and may occur in time, the displacement of the piping, originating from a deflection above, and the sealing is low (see photo no. 2).

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