High density polyethylene pipes for drinking water networks


By comparison to metal pipes, using polyethylene pipes for drinking water networks has the following advantages:

  • Resistance to solvents, acids and alkaline substances;
  • Good resistance to abrasive wear;
  • Reduced pressure losses;
  • Easy and user-friendly installation technology;
  • Good bending strength;
  • Minimum deposits in time;
  • Reduced rugosity;
  • Ecological, recyclable and non-toxic;
  • Maintaining the raw material characteristics in time (polyethylene);
  • guaranteed life-time of at least 50 year;
  • inertia to corrosion;
  • light weight and suppleness allow easy installation;
  • easy weldability even at low temperatures;
  • reduced installation costs;
  • cheap maintenance, special reliability of connection systems;
  • reducing pressure losses on the installation, constant pressure in the network;
  • shock and external mechanical action resistance.
  • continuous control of computer-programmed technological parameters and wall thickness by ultrasonic apparatus;
  • compliance with and implementation of the requirements of quality standards, the system being certified by CERTIND S.A. - Bucharest according to the ISO 9001 - 2008 referential;
  • the tests carried out in the own laboratory, accredited by the "Accreditation Association of Romania" (RENAR) through the Accreditation Certificate no. LI 033;
  • approval by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration for use in the transportation and distribution of drinking water;
  • health certificate issued by the Ministry of Health.

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